We are firm believers that the first five years of a child’s life are the most important for learning and understanding new concepts. After all, this is the time where they absorb, develop and explore their world. Needless to say, the pattern of learning developed during this time will lay the foundation for the rest of their lives. Thereafter, we aim to prepare your children not just for school, but for life.

We follow the thematic approach to teaching and learning in our Nursery and Kindergarten classes. A thematic approach involves integrating all subject areas together under one theme. It crosses over subject lines and helps children relate basic academic skills to real-world ideas.

This pre-school curriculum is full of real-life, concrete experiences.

Children will learn skills, acquire new knowledge and demonstrate their understanding through 6 areas of learning and development.

All six areas of learning are used to plan the children’s learning and activities. Teachers at DWPS make sure that the activities are suited to your child’s unique needs.


Marvellous Me

What a perfect theme to start off the school year. For a teacher, the theme's goal is to learn about children and their families and for children to learn and explore about their own abilities and likings. Marvellous Me very well takes care of intra and inter personal skills and makes students comfortable with the learning environment.


Fun With Animal

This theme builds a sense of connection, empathy, care and respect for animals. It also talks about their similarities, differences, their body parts, young ones, animal products and different habitats they live in.


Fun In The Sky

Sky is limitless and as human beings we are always stretching our limits.  It all starts with the basics - the things we see in the sky. From sun to the moon, from day to the night is what our kids learn in this fun theme. Moreover, this theme connects well with Theme 2 of animals by focusing on flight and flightless birds, their body parts, habitat, etc.


Things That Go

Kids love to play with things that move. The transport theme includes learning and playing with all the different types of vehicles such as cars, trucks, airplanes, ships, etc. The natural interest in toys and cars brings life to the theme; and the modes of transportation sets the right mood for learning in our kindergarten classroom.


Creepy Crawlies

The tiny creatures that creep, crawl and most of them fly too. This theme explains everything about the insects and non-insects, their body parts, their growth and life cycle. The theme sparks curiosity in children to learn about the small creatures on the planet.


People Who Help Us

Community helper theme is one of the great ways to teach children about the people who live and work in theneighbourhood. Learning about different professions makes them realize that each one has an important role to play and we all are interdependent. Dignity of labour - A must value to be taught to the children belonging to the future.


Go Green

As we speak of the future, we cannot imagine one without our green friends. Ingraining the importance of protecting the environment the Go green theme introduces children to their new friends – plants!


Sand & Sea

‘It takes a lot of blue to stay green’, Water has been the differentiating factor between our planet and the rest. The very origin of life has been in water. This theme focuses mainly on natural resources and uses of water, creatures that live in water, water cycle and of course the need of the hour - Save Water.


Food I eat

A healthy theme that guides to a disciplined life. This theme explains how important it is to have a healthy balanced diet, the sources of food, the nutrients and the disadvantages of junk food on our body. Remember - we reap what we sow.



There is a pattern, a code that mystifies our planet. What happens every 365 days gets repeated time after time. Seasons are periods in a year marked by specific weather conditions. This theme talks about the 4 seasons, their effects, clothing and human adaptation.

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